Monday, February 1, 2010

Angels: Who they are and How they help - What the Bible Reveals

by Dr. David Jeremiah
Multnomah, 2006

Angels are fascinating, but much of what we read about them today is based on misconception and myth. A whole industry, no doubt spawned by New Age beliefs, has sprung up around these mysterious beings.

Yet are they really so perplexing? Dr. Jeremiah finds that the Bible has much to say about these agents of heaven, and using only the Scriptures, enlightens the rest of us as to their functions and purposes. We get a guided tour of the various appearances of angels in the Bible, an understanding of what they are, and the differences and similarities between angels and humankind. We spend time with the angels around the throne, angels at war and at watch, cherubim and seraphim, Michael, and Gabriel. We see that angels show us how to worship and how to work. We see their relationship with Christ. We even spend a little time with the fallen angels, but they are not our focus. The main thing Jeremiah wants us to learn is that "angels truly love the Lord ... will always love to serve him" and we should follow their example.

Last year I read Dr. Jeremiah's book, What in the World is Going On?, a fascinating account of prophecy. Angels is somehow less excitingly written, but is definitely informative and worth reading.

This book was provided for review by the publisher, who also provided a copy for me to give away. Posting a comment will enter you into the draw. A winner will be chosen at random on February 10th. Good luck!

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Susan said...

Since no one entered this contest, I will be donating this book to a local library so a greater number of people can enjoy it.