Friday, January 22, 2010

Magazine Writing from the Boonies

by Mark Zuehlke and Louise Donnelly
Carleton University Press, 1992

Although the intended audience is writers who live in the "boonies," I figured there'd be information of use to those who are more urbanly situated. I was right. The book covers the quest for ideas and how to sell them, the fine art of negotiating with publishers/editors, how to conduct research and interviews, how to organize your thoughts to produce interesting articles, etc. The writing style is informal and easy to read, which is as it should be given the subject matter.

While the book is somewhat outdated in terms of the technology aspects discussed, in expected payment amounts, and a changed market, the aspiring author can still glean much.

I encourage the authors to create a revised and updated version, but in the meantime will keep my eyes open for this one wherever used books are sold.

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Faith said...

Sounds fairly interesting! I may see if I can track down a copy through my library. Thanks for this!