Sunday, February 1, 2009

Magic Words: 101 Ways to Talk Your Way Through Life's Challenges

by Howard Kaminsky and Alexandra Penney
Broadway Books, 2002

From the book jacket: "A comprehensive collection of powerful phrases to help you face a variety of awkward, intimidating, confusing, or otherwise challenging moments."

A wonderful little handbook for anyone who has to deal with people! The book is broken into three types of magic words: those that you say to yourself, those that you say to others, and words that have universal application. Examples include, "I'll sing for my supper, but I won't audition", "When you draw the line, do it in cement", "Why are you asking?", "I need your help", "There's only one condition for friendship", and "When you get in a downward spiral, hit the ground running". You'll have to read the book to find out what those signify. Believe me, you won't be sorry you did.


Kimber said...

What IS the one condition in frienship anyways? Do tell.

Susan said...

The one condition for friendship is that friendship is unconditional :)