Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When I Lay My Isaac Down

Unshakable Faith in Unthinkable Circumstances
By Carol Kent
NavPress, 2004

In 1999 Carol Kent's world came crashing down. Her son, J.P. - her only child, and a naval officer with a promising future - shot and killed his wife's ex-husband. With plenty of witnesses and his capture a short distance away from the scene of the crime, J.P. was immediately arrested and jailed. This book tells the story of how Carol and her husband, Gene, were able to come to terms with this tragedy and of how their relationship with God was not terminated, but deepened and strengthened.

The Kents were blessed to have an incredible support system that carried them through J.P.'s imprisonment, hearings, and trials, and that continues to lighten their burden now that he has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. Even in this dark outcome, they have found meaning and purpose to their lives.

Carol uses her family's story to encourage others who may be going through their own unthinkable situations. Each chapter concludes with questions to help the reader discover God's power in whatever circumstances s/he may be facing. Though Carol continues to have her own difficult days, her faith remains unshakable and yours can too.

I look forward to reading the follow-up book, A New Kind of Normal.

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Kimber said...

Wow. What unthinkable circumstances. I am adding this book to my list! Now that I'm back to work, my reading has slowed down a bit, but I definitely want to read this one.