Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Day

by Billy Coffey
Faith Words, 2010

Peter Boyd, his wife and two children, live in the foothills of Virginia, where Pete is employed at a local factory. When he wakes up one morning and finds himself the beneficiary of an unanticipated snow day, he decides to use the day to reflect on his life and what his future might hold. The factory is in the process of downsizing and he fears he may not have a job there much longer.

Through the course of one day Pete is reminded of a variety of truths and rediscovers what is important in life. He discovers that there really is a Santa Claus, but more importantly, there's a God who loves him, who has a plan for his life, and wants to shower him with all good things. Pete's faith increases as these lessons hit home.

A very enjoyable read, the contents deserve our careful attention. Well worth reading more than once.

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