Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shadows on the River

by Linda Hall,
Steeple Hill, 2009

The third and final book in Hall's Shadows series tells the story of Ally Roarke, a single mom in her late 30s who carries a deep wound from her childhood. After witnessing the murder of her best friend at age 13, and identifying the attacker, the son of the town's richest family, Ally is victimized herself when the incident is swept under the carpet and her accusations are not believed. Forced out of the town a year later, Ally abandoned her faith in God, and sees her life as evidence that God is not there or He doesn't care.

Now living, working, and mothering in Halifax, Ally focuses her attention on work and her profoundly deaf daughter, Maddy. Larry Fremont, the murderer of her childhood friend, lives in the same city, but it's a big enough place that they haven't run into each other.

That changes the day Larry's colleague is found in a hotel room, dead of blunt force trauma. Ally is sure the disreputable businessman is responsible, and this time she's going to prove it and show everyone that she didn't make up her long ago story. This time, too, she'll have help. Mark Bishop, a new colleague, has just as much reason to hate Larry as she does.

But can Ally really trust Mark? Or is he just using her? And what, if anything, does the mysterious Zacchaeus Plan have to do with this latest death? Hopefully Ally will find out the answers before she becomes the killer's next victim.

A quick read, with characters you'll care about and enough twists and turns in the plot to keep you wondering how it'll all pan out.

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