Thursday, November 19, 2009


by Dr. Warren Wiersbe,
David C. Cook, (updated and revised) 2009

Dr. Warren Wiersbe, associated with the Back to the Bible radio broadcast for many years, and a former pastor of Moody Church in Chicago, has penned a series of 50 useful books starting with the word "Be". These include: Be Comforted, Be Daring, Be Determined, Be Dynamic, Be Free, Be Patient, Be Real, and (the one I have) Be Hopeful.

Easily accessible for both pastors and lay people, these study guides can be used in personal Bible study or with a group. Be Hopeful consists of twelve chapters, each of which concludes with questions for personal reflection or group discussion - a typical format for the guides.

In Be Hopeful, Wiersbe addresses, among other things, the fact that where there's Christ, there's hope; how it is possible to stay clean in a polluted world; what we can learn from Noah; and how each of us can be a good shepherd.

As I get deeper into my study of God's Word, I look forward to using other titles in the "Be" series to assist me along the way. I believe you will find them a blessing as well.

(Note: This book was provided for review by David C. Cook)

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