Thursday, June 18, 2009

The One-Minute Mother: the quickest way for you to help your children learn to like themselves and want to behave themselves

by Spencer Johnson,
William Morrow & Company, 1983

An expectant mother decides to consult the mothers around her in order to have a better understanding of good child-rearing methods. After speaking with many and becoming tired and discouraged, she finally hears of a woman who has simple and effective strategies. She visits this "one-minute mother" and her three adult children to find out the secrets of successful parenting.

Although this is an older title, the contents remain true for parents today. Told in story form, and just over 100 pages long, the book is a quick and easy read. When the techniques suggested are applied properly and consistently, mothers should discipline children effectively, and children should learn to like themselves and want to behave themselves.

A companion volume, The One-Minute Father, is also recommended.

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