Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Cream Puff Murder

by Joanne Fluke,
Kensington, 2009

This long-awaited installment in the Hannah Swensen culinary mystery series doesn't disappoint.

Hannah's mother, Delores, has penned her first romance novel, and Hannah has to prepare the refreshments as well as appear in a Regency costume Delores has ordered. Unfortunately, the dress is too small and Hannah goes on an intensive diet and exercise program in order to fit into it in time.

Meanwhile, Ronni Ward is doing her level best to lure every man she encounters and antagonize every woman. Her success leads to her untimely demise in the jacuzzi at the Heavenly Bodies fitness club.

Several of Hannah's male acquaintances are suspect, including her sometimes-boyfriend, police detective Mike Kingston. Hannah must investigate to clear their names and discover the real killer.

Along the way, she develops new insights into both Mike's character and the character of her other love interest, dentist Norman Rhodes.

While I figured out who-done-it fairly early on, I thoroughly enjoyed Fluke's latest dish, and am only sorry that I'm apt to have several more months' wait before the next title is released. I guess while I wait I'll just have to try all the wonderful recipes included in the book! Thankfully, a few lower calorie options are available.

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