Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grace is Enough

by Willie Aames and Maylo Upton-Aames
B & H Books, 2007

In alternating chapters, Willie and his wife, Maylo, share the stories of their growing-up years, their Hollywood lives, their meeting, epiphany of faith, and subsequent marriage. At first, it's a bit confusing trying to keep track of all the relatives, but this smooths out as the book progresses.

Willie and Maylo both experienced a fair amount of "freedom" during their youth and young adult lives, and also more than their share of personal suffering. Both became deeply involved in drugs and alcohol, dabbled in (oc)cultic practices, and Maylo even lived on the streets at one point. It's amazing that either one came out of their situation as well as they did.

The last section of the book deals with their coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, an encounter that transformed and informed their lives thereafter. Willie talks briefly about his stint as Bibleman (a DVD series my son still enjoys) and the couple discusses their financial difficulties and disappointments (being a Christian doesn't make your problems all magically go away).

If the book is reprinted, it will need a postscript. Just a year after it was published, Willie and Maylo went their separate ways, Willie "fell off the wagon", attempted suicide, and declared bankruptcy. A very sad part of a story that I hope will yet have a happy ending.

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