Thursday, March 26, 2009

Splitting Harriet

by Tamara Leigh
Multnomah, 2007

Former wild child, Harriet Bisset, has spent the last eight years atoning for the errors of her youth. The daughter of a preacher, she feels a duty to honour the church members who offered forgiveness and welcomed her back into the fold. Now working as director of Women's Ministries at the church she grew up in, she dreams of the day she can own Gloria's Morning Cafe, and drowns her personal sorrows in tubs of Jelly Bellies.

Enter Maddox McCray, the consultant hired by the church to help it transition from a traditional to more contemporary style in order to attract younger families and keep the church growing. He drives a motorcycle, has tattoos, and oh, that black curly hair! He spells trouble, and there's no way Harri is getting involved with him.

Well, er... If only he weren't so darned good looking, unpretentious, and persistent. But then there's how his suggestions are upsetting the balance at church, and causing Harri's comfort zone much discomfort...

Very well written, with fully developed characters, this story will tug at your heartstrings and move your spirit.

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