Monday, March 9, 2009

A Catered Murder (Mystery with Recipes)

by Isis Crawford,
Kensington, 2003

When outspoken Bernie returns to small town Longley from L.A. for a respite from a bad marriage, she assists at A Little Taste of Heaven, the catering business owned by her more stodgy sister, Libby. When the guest of honour at one of their events dies after drinking cyanide-laced water they provided, threatening their business, the sisters decide to do some private investigating, with the occasional word of advice thrown in by their father, a wheel-chair bound former police chief.

Numerous suspects make the job difficult. Was there anyone who liked the victim? And when a second person is found shot to death, the mystery doubles.

Engaging characters and a well developed plot with plenty of red herrings make this a delectable read. While there's only one recipe I would actually try (for Devil's Food Cake), I am definitely going back for second helpings with the author's next installment.

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