Friday, December 12, 2008

What Child is This?: A Christmas Story

by Caroline B. Cooney
Delacourte Press, 1997

Liz's family celebrates Christmas in a big way, but Liz still feels she's missing something. Matt and Katie are foster kids shuffled from home to home, never sure where they'll be spending the next holiday. Liz and Matt both envy Tack's family, who run the River Wind Inn and seem to have it all together.

When Matt and Katie's social worker gives them a chance to make a Christmas wish, Katie wishes for a family. But Pollard won't allow her wish to be printed and hung on a tree. After all, "Christmas is about little things" and no one is going to give her a family for Christmas. Matt knows this is true, but he still thinks Katie's wish deserves to be posted, so he prints it off and hangs it on the wish tree at River Wind Inn.

When Katie's wish is taken from the tree, each learns what Christmas is truly all about.

A satisfying story that will touch your heart (if you have one!).

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