Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Librarian's Night Before Christmas

a picture book
by David Davis
Illustrated by Jim Harris,
Pelican Publishing, 2006

Love the premise, but very hit and miss in terms of how well the concepts are presented in rhyme.
  • example of a hit: "He was bearded and gabbed like a good storyteller/ And he grinned like a writer with a New York bestseller."
  • example of a miss: "Santa charged through the door, and his black knee boots shone/ He bowed as he asked, "Need interlibrary loans?"

Borrow it from the library (like I did) if you want to, but don't bother making it a purchase. Not even for your favourite librarian or library worker. (I'm a librarian, but could care less if this made it onto my personal bookshelf.)

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