Friday, January 21, 2011

Mistletoe Murder: a Lucy Stone Mystery

by Leslie Meier
Kensington, 1991

The first of the Lucy Stone mysteries, set in the fictional seaside town of Tinker's Cove, Maine, takes place at Christmas. Lucy is mom to three, wife to Bill, and telephone operator for the community's biggest employer, Country Cousins.

When Lucy finds her employer, Sam Miller, dead in his car, what looks like suicide is murder.  But who would want to kill the company's likable boss? Though Lucy is busy enough with Christmas preparations, she can't resist doing a little investigating of her own. When friendly local policeman, Barney, loses control of his vehicle and ends up in a coma, the stakes rise. What did Barney know that made him a threat to the killer?

Lucy is an amiable intelligent amateur sleuth. Readers will relate to her conundrums as she tries to find the work-life balance and they'll enjoy nosing around with her to determine whodunit. Twenty years after the beginning of the series, Meier is at book 18 and still going strong. Perfect for the person looking for a new series.

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