Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sir Fartsalot Hunts the Booger

by Kevin Bolger
Razorbill, 2008

After learning that a principal prematurely ended Bolger's author visit, in which he was reading from this book, I knew I had to read it. Click here for my blog post on the banning.

When the brave Sir Fartsalot dines with the King, he is on a quest to quell the Foul West Wind. By the end of dinner, thanks to young prankster, Prince Harry, he is also on the hunt for the monstrous Booger. The King decides that Prince Harry could learn a lot from travelling with the knight, and the two set off on their great adventure. Along the way they encounter (among other things) a jester, a fortune teller, ogres, princesses, a two-headed giant, and a very hungry roc.

The humour is gross, as befits the intended audience - primarily boys, grades 4-6, though one non-traditional princess sets an appropriate tone for girls. And the book has a message: Prince Harry learns that pranks don't always turn out the way you plan, and can end up hurting people you care about.

A fun spin on the traditional knight's quest, Bolger only offends those with the most tender sensibilities.

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Anonymous said...

I was disappointed to find that my local library doesn't own this. Interlibrary Loan sounds like a good idea!