Monday, August 25, 2008

Catering to Nobody

by Dianne Mott Davidson
Bantam, 2002

Goldy Bear, owner/operator of Goldilocks Catering (where everything is "just right"!), is in a pickle. The local constabulary has closed down her business until they feel satisfied that she had nothing to do with the poisoning of a funeral attendee (her former father-in-law, no less) at an event she catered. A single mom, whose wealthy ex is less than reliable at making child support payments, Goldy depends on her business to pay the bills.

Fortunately for Goldy, the lead investigator on the case, Tom Schultz, takes a fancy to her despite her strong-willed ways, and invites her to participate in finding clues. Her livelihood on the line, Goldy takes the job seriously. What, if anything, connects the death of her child's former teacher, the poisoning of her father-in-law, her new tenant/assistant's changed behaviour, and her son's fascination with Dungeons and Dragons? The results may surprise you.

I liked this better than Crime Brulee, but not as well as the Hannah Swensen or Agatha Raisin mysteries. I do, however, look forward to reading the next in the series while I wait for new HS and AR books to appear.

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