Friday, June 27, 2008

Room of Marvels

by James Bryan Smith
Broadman & Holman Press, 2007

A huge Rich Mullins fan, I stumbled across this book when I was looking for books about this well-known and well-loved musician, who was taken from us all too soon.

In Room of Marvels, Christian writer Tim Hudson has suffered a series of devastating losses and is on the verge of losing his faith. Advised by his pastor to go on a silent retreat, he visits a monastery where he experiences a vision of heaven that transforms and renews his spirit. In heaven, Tim meets people he's influenced in his life and who have influenced him. These meetings help him understand that love is not just important, it's the only reason for living. He also comes to accept the truth that we live on an eternal plain, that death is not the end and is not something to be feared.

While I'm not 100% sure of the theology in spots, the book sends an important message to believers, and has brought comfort to countless readers. It is semi-autobiographical and helped the author to recover from his own grief as well. I was moved by the fictional account and by the true story behind it.

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