Monday, March 17, 2008

Tying the Knot

by Susan May Warren
Tyndale, 2003
Second in the Deep Haven series, this book was written during a difficult period in the author's life, though you'd never know it from the ease with which it reads. Warren has the romance genre down pat, with lots of attraction, tension, miscommunication and misunderstanding between the hero and heroine. In addition to creating a well crafted plot, she paints vivid settings and is able to evoke strong emotions from the reader.

Anne has come to Deep Haven to find peace from her past, a past that has scarred her deeply. Brought up in a Christian home, she spent her teen years in the inner city of Minneapolis as her parents worked among its broken people. High school was intolerable. More recently, Anne's work as an EMT in that same area brought her face to face with a teen strung out on drugs, a teen who shot and wounded her without provocation. The only memory from that night worth holding onto is the man who prevented the shot from hitting her in the face, the man who sang "It is Well with My Soul" over her as she was carried from the scene on a gurney.

Noah is in Deep Haven for different reasons, though he too has a scarred past. God has given him a vision for a wilderness camp that will take urban teens out of their day-to-day reality and plant them in a beautiful natural environment absent their gang colours and associations, where they can be challenged spiritually and physically. With her medical credentials, Anne is the only one who can help Noah's camp get off the ground, as the local church committee refuses to provide financial backing without a trained medical person on staff. Will Anne cooperate? And will she learn to trust Noah? To see beyond his exterior tough guy appearance to the interior man of faith?

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